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Bad Credit Mortgages

Bad credit, poor credit, county court judgements stopping you from applying for a mortgage?

Well fear no more, help is here. We specialise in obtaining mortgages for people that have had credit problems in the past. We have contacts with companies that will lend in most circumstances and we will also ensure that a lender is happy to lend to you before applying. Ensuring that you will not be let down halfway through the process.

It is really difficult to obtain a mortgage when your credit is good - however with bad or poor credit it is nigh-on impossible for an individual to be able to find a mortgage company that will be prepared to offer a mortgage. This isn't to say that a mortgage isn't available for those people with bad credit, it is an issue that at UKFCS Mortgage Specialists our mortgage advisers are considerably more knowledgeable about and they will be able to contact the appropriate companies.

There are many reasons why people have bad credit. They may just have a history of late payments - however, in other instances there may be default notices, County Court Judgements etc. Many mortgage companies are aware that people do have problems, sometimes these will be in the past, and circumstances may have changed.

Whatever the situation the consultants at UKFCS Mortgage Specialists will do our best to obtain the best mortgage possible for you. We will be able to find out all the information involved with a potential mortgage without needing for the applicant to have any credit checks. It is important to avoid any none-essential credit checks as an excessive amount of credit searches in a short period of time can have a negative effect on your existing credit record.

There is a distinct possibility that you will be able to obtain a mortgage - the interest rate will be a little higher - but only if you accept the help of experienced mortgage brokers. UKFCS Mortgage Specialists will be able to help you obtain the best mortgage available.

In the meantime, you need to ensure that this new mortgage is affordable for you. Work towards reducing any other debts you currently have, and make sure that every monthly payment for credit cards, direct debits and utility bills etc. are paid on time. This way you will slowly start to repair your credit whilst ensuring that it certainly doesn't become any worse. The new mortgage, when it comes through must be the first payment made every month. Make sure that you have a budget which you are able to live within.

At UKFCS Mortgage Specialists we will give you the best advice given regarding your new bad credit mortgage and will obtain the best mortgage available in your situation. We will deal with every mortgage company and our friendly advice is always impartial. Don't try and go it alone - you will possibly make your credit worse by inviting additional credit checks. Working with us will help you in obtaining you a mortgage wherever possible, and obtaining the right mortgage for you.

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